The easy way out

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Children have a dream to grow up and own a toy or candystore. To live in a world of Charlie and the chocolate factory.
Adults isn’t that different. If we could choose we would have unlimited money, travel wherever we want to, eat chocolate and drink cocktails everyday.

Most of us know that life is not like that and we accept it too, but still we spend a lot of time and energy to avoid challenges, criticism, pain and suffering.

But to flee from conflict and challenges is to refuse change. It is to missunderstand how the world really works. It is to take the easy way out.
What seem to be the opposite on one level makes sense on a higher level.

Those who find faults in our service or products make us increase the quality, build better products. Feedback on our work clarify what is expected from us. Skepticism towards our arguments forces us to explain better and in a simplier way. When we say no to children, we teach them to consider others too. If we build our relationships on trust and respect our feelings for each other deepens by conflict and differing opinions instead of making us insecure and afraid.
We should be grateful of skepticism, conflict and resistance. Not look at it as something dangerous or something that causes us more work but rather see the oppurtunity to grow and mature. Uphill is when we build muscles.

I once read a man saying that “what makes us successful is not our skills but how much we are willing to put up with to reach our goals”.

The important is to make sure we surround ourselves with people who criticize not to put us down but to give support, constructive advice and who are willing to grow with us.

I have those people around me. And it makes all the difference.

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