Tango tango!

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Classical music has been a neglected type of music in my life, just like in most Swedes lives I would say. I still remember listening to Vivaldis four seasons and Edward Grieg, but that was more or less it.

By knowing Regi and Dan who are both violists I have had the privilege and oppurtunity to listen to more classical music than ever before. At the moment I can hear Dan practicing in his office.
The first real concert I went to was in Stockholm concert hall in 2008 when Dan came there to play with their orchestra Festival Strings Lucerne (Regi was at home with a newborn).

Later I saw him play in London the same year and this week I have seen three concerts. One with Dan in the Jesuitchurch, one with them both playing with clarinett player Sabine Meyer and this Saturday Regi played a tango concert together with her friend and collegue Anca Serban. Three very different types of concerts but the more I hear, the more I appreciate it.
It’s pretty impressive too that their daughter Yara, six years old, can sit still and listen to a two hour long concert. I don’t think many kids coudl do that.

In a few hours I will get on the plane from Zurich to Vienna in Austria and after a few days there I will return home to Stockholm.


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