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When I moved in to this apartment, fall of 2008 I decided to paint the walls or put up wallpaper.
It’s not like the ones I have right now disturbs me, but that is not the reason why I haven’t done anything so far. There are two reasons. One, that I don’t know what to do, but the major reason is that I find it really boring to redecorate. There are so many better ways to spend your time and money.

Last week I brought back all the photos I have had at work since January. Because of that I started moving things around at home and realized that the photo I had hanging in the hallway needed to be taken down. Instead I put up one of my photos from my trip, but somehow it didn’t really fit there. So this monday I took it down and started putting up some old photos that has been laying around.
Some of these photos is from an old roll of film that me and two friends shot with an analog camera back in 1999. There were some nice phofos in there but I also took out the four pictures I bought at a museum watching a Richard Avedon exhibition in Amsterdam some years ago.

Richard Avedon is one of the worlds most famous fashion photographers. He’s taken pictures of every celbrity you know. To his death, 81 years old in 2004, he photographed actors, models, writers, dancers and politicians. Picasso, Elisabth Taylor, Tina Turner, Bob Dylan, Beatles, Ronald Reagan.

I had never heard of him.
Have you? How many photographers do you know?

Before I heard about Richard Avedon, I could probably not have named one photographer. I liked photography, but never really reflected that someone had actually taken that picture. That this someone was an artist that conciously had created an image. The line between crappy party or holiday pictures with a plastic camera to an artist creating art with his camera didn’t exist.

There were just images
On things we observe. And we observe things everyday.

But in that exhibition in Amsteradm there was a picture on the wall. A white wall. Clean. And on that white background I saw Marilyn Monroe.
Marilyn Monroe symbolize to me, Hollywood. A beautiful world of smiles. A world of plastic where we get the same response no matter who you talk to or how they feel.
In that picture I didn’t see only Marilyn Monroe. A mere representation. In that picture I saw a human being.

A human being just as alive as you and me. With feelings just like you and me.
In this photography I felt a connection to a human being I had never met, that I hardly knew anything about.
In a photography I saw art.

On my wall there are four photographsn by Richard Avedon. Unfortunately not the one of Marilyn Monroe, because I have been unable to find that photograph of her.
I would really love to have more photographs on that wall, so therefore I ask you for help. I would like you to send me a postcard or photo to me. Your black and white favourite. If you don’t have any postcards like that, you can upload a photo to and send it to me.
Send it to:

Mathias Cederholm
Bällstavägen 51
168 66 Stockholm

Choose a picture that means something to you, if needed convert it to black and white in iPhoto or Picasa on your computer and upload it to On the backside, write a motivation on why you chose that picture.

I look forward to recieving postcards from all over the world. And even if you don’t know me, but have found this blog some other way, so send me a postcard anyway!
I will publish all postcards recieved on this blog, so choose a picture, write something interesting (or not) and send it! ?