The dog days are over


I’m sitting on a train again. And I will not make myself short. I’m bad at it. To limit the amount of words I use.

Sometimes I think that I should write something fast and do it more often. But when I sit down to write, it just starts pouring out. Just like that.

But it’s not only because I have a problem limiting myself that I write long posts. I think there is a point in doing so too.

More and more we do things quickly, our attention span sucks. Everything is consumed fast, only touched on the surface. Ten easy steps to do this and that, speed cooking. Short Youtube videos, newspapers made for commuters. Quality time with our kids.

We belong to a generation that has forgotten how to wait. Who hardly knows what it means to go deep or spend years and years mastering something. We change jobs quickly, multitask, work less hours but do it twice as fast.

Of course there is positive things about that, but I believe real satisfaction  is to be found in the depth of things.

I like tv-series better than movies because you can get to know the characters better. I usually prefer books to movies because you get a more thorough description of things. I rather hang out with a few people for many hours than grab a quick lunch. I rather read a blog in a specific subject than read a newspaper. Food gets better the longer it cooks. Slowly prepared.

I believe kids feel better if you spend a lot of time with them instead of running around from activity to activity. I rather have five close friends than a hundred aquantancies.

Quality time means to do a specific, chosen activity together. And that’s great. But I think it is incorrect to call it quality time. Quality for me is rather to spend hours and hours together just by being in the same room. Not doing anything particular.

But to be able to do this, we need to create the time and space for it. If we always make plans, always doing something, we never have the time to create real quality.

I believe it to be valuable to own less, get rid of things. That life because better when it is simple.

I believe even more to create space in our lives, to cut out activities, focus on less things and do it longer.

But I believe the most on clearing out our mental clutter. Let go of old ideas, habits. Allow ourselves to not have so many opinions. Not set so many goals, always thinking about where we are going.

The paradox is that I feel more inline with myself than ever before. I carry less mental baggage and at the same time have never before in my life been so active and productive.

You would think I’m really tired when I get home at night, but I have an endless amount of energy. It’s like I could take on anything.

It is like waking up after a very long winter, having been dead and suddenly being reborn, ready and willing to take on life and explore it with the curiosity and enthusiasm of a child.

I am compelled to live a simple life. Straight and honest. Not entangle myself in problems and negative thoughts, just turn my back on those things and move on. As if there was no problems in this world at all.

Spring is here. The dog days are over.