Volt festival 2011


Yesterday I went to the Volt festival in Uppsala, an annual festival for all kinds of electronic music.

It was a varied mix of all kinds of music and a very interesting and exciting experience. In the end I have to list Darkstar, who did an exellent performance, as my favourite. Around midnight, it felt like it was enough, my brain was about to collapse from all the noise and visual effects trying to steal a bit of my brains attention. A bit sad I have to say, because the bus didn’t leave until 03.15 in the morning.

I brought my camera with me to try and shoot as much as possible. Shooting music and concerts is a bit different, especially indoor since the light is very unpredictable. Just because of that, I wanted to experiment as much as possible in a place where it was actually ok to bring your camera. It turned out to be challenging but rewarding.