Summer of 2011


It’s a bit late to post summer pictures in early October when the autumn chill gets to you and the northern parts of Sweden are already getting snowed in. But it is long overdue and at least, the snow has not reached this area yet, and hopefully won’t for another month at least.

Besides, it’s nice to look at pictures that seem to be taken ages ago, remember the California heat and remind yourself that although winter is approaching, it’s not going to last forever. Sooner or later, days will be bright and sunny and warm again. Even here.

This summer was the fifth time I visited California.
I have never before had an interest in visiting the U.S. at all, even though it is a very popular place to go, but it so happened that I got to know a bunch of Americans, most of them on the west coast, and when you know someone in a place, going there just makes a whole lot more sense.
I’m not much for sightseeing and except for an occasional overdose of temples or churches or old buildings at different times in my travel history, I tend to avoid typical tourist destinations. Not because they are not worth seeing, but because I find taking a random stroll around cities or other places a lot more enjoyable. I want to do what the typical resident of a place do, get a taste of the atmosphere and meet and observe locals. I have found that every city or village, every country or culture has it’s own specific flavour, and you get a taste of it simply by sitting on the curb next to the street, or having a cup of tea in a café or simply by walking the streets up and down until you get tired.

So despite having been to California five times, I still haven’t seen the Golden Gate, and out of these times, I actually only been in San Francisco once. But every year, I get to see a new part of the place. And I keep coming back, to hang out at my friends place in the middle of nowhere, to rest and chillout over a glass of wine.
When other people go sightseeing, I enjoy going places and drink abnormal amounts of tea or chat for hours about everything and nothing and do nothing.

Below are some of the pictures I took during those weeks, months back, that today feels like a long long time ago.




During my last trip to California me and my friend Joy went on a drive through the backroads of Siskiyou County in the northern part of the state. An area with a wild west atmosphere covered in sunburnt grass, old barns and houses and grazing cows. The only thing missing is a Zeb McCahan or Clint Eastwood showing up on a horse in sunrise looking for adventure.

The area was flooded by adventurers in during the gold rush that started in 1848 but is today a quiet county consisting mostly of ranches and people that has withdrawn for a bit of peace and quiet. It is also a conservative place in contrast to the liberal views in most other parts of California.
The landscape is beautiful and I love the mix of valleys, rivers and mountains with the snowclad Mount Shasta in the horizon.

During a four hour road trip we managed to get a bunch of photos of Joy, who happily modelled for me. If you want to see a slideshow with some more pictures check out my flickr site with this link:

More photos from my trip will follow later.