Lucerne, Switzerland

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It is thursday today. I have now been six days here in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Lucerne is a small town in the central part of the country and a popular place for tourists. It is like a miniature town from another time, filled with people living minature lives in some kind of fantasy that we only get to look at from the outside.

It is the second time here. First time was in May 2007 when I went here together with my ex-girlfriend Marina for Regi and Dans wedding. Then already I got a small glimpse of this small miniature world, but we only had 48 hours here before returning home to work, so I never had the time to properly explore the city. I have had more of that this time around.

For it’s small size, this city is packed with culture, old buildings and a long history and despite finding the average store on the shopping streets I can still appreciate it. They have found some way of mixing all these new chain stores with it’s great historic atmosphere.

Our mutual friend James surprisingly arrived here yesterday. The plan was for him to arrive friday or saturday when he got in his 1998 Jaguar XJ 8 wednesday morning in Tooting in South London and started moving south, but when he was in Luxembourg later in the afternoon, he decided to keep on going all the way here.
With the car packed with tuna sandwiches to last three days and a 20 page Google driving direction he parked outside the house on Wesemlinstrasse at 9.50pm after driving 579 miles and after 14 hours and 20 minutes on the move.

We celebrated this pleasant surprise by drinking a lot of wine.


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