Life is Art

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The music of Sophie Zelmani is like made for silent evenings in the Swedish summer night with a big glas of red wine. To sit on the balcony, slowly letting the wine fill your mouth and then let it trinkle down your throat.

It is like she has spent her entire music career repeating this same feeling over and over again. Song after song, album after album.
It never gets monotoneous, because it is one of the best feelings there is. The feeling where life becomes art, every breath gets a new meaning and the warmth of the night is colder than your hearts.

I have no idea what her lyrics are about, I have never really listened to them. Her music express enough without listening to the words, that feeling do not have to take the long way around to your heart by going through your mind.

I don’t have a Swedish summer night tonight, no red wine either, but I do have Zelmani, a bottle of water and a bed in a sleeper compartment in a long Indian train.

Life is art, wherever you are.

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