Greetings from Norway

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I got to know Johan, who sent me this postcard, somewhere around 2001-2002 when we both worked together at Mälardalens Student Union’s bar and restaurant. We have worked many long nights in the bar and in the kitchen serving thousands of guests. I remember especially his deadly Bearnaise sauce that he has whipped together at several occasions. It beats any other I have ever tried. Nowadays he often work in Norway and that is also where this photo was taken.
This was also one of the cards that I accidentally put up on my wall before writing about it here.

The postcard say:


The photo is taken 150km south of Bodö in Norway last July. I was there on a job, had some free time, so my collegue and I went up the dam of the power station and checked out the view. The dam is located about 1000 metres above sea level.

Sometimes you forget how barren, beautiful and peaceful the mountain ranges in Sweden and Norway really is. The only thing breaking the peace in the picture is a snowball hitting the surface of the lake that my collegue decided to throw.



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