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One word that explains a lot of the motivation for letting everything go and travel the world.

I have met many people during this trip, many I have never met before and many I will never meet again.

I have had the privilege the last three years to travel a lot, almost always it has been to friends around the globe.
In the end it doesn’t really matter how beautiful the buildings are, what history a country has. In the end, what matters, is the people we meet.
It is these people that give colour to the buildings, fill them with life, pride and a context. The people is the reason the buildings and the history is there at all, and the very same people is the reason they still stand.
It is easy to think of ourselves as separate beings, but we become human first when we take part in a larger context. Our culture and our environment. No matter what we do, we never leave this context.

When things start spinning a bit too fast it is easy to forget what is important in life. Then it can be good to slow down, stop for a while. Put ourselves and our well being first. Only then is it possible to meet our friends with presence, attention and the respect they deserve.

How can we otherwise demand others to show the same respect to us?

I feel immensely happy and grateful for the friendship others has shown me during this trip. Not only from people I have met, but also from everyone back home.

This journey would never have been the same without you.



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  1. paula says:

    temples, mountains, museums, street. they might look different but in the end the are all the same.
    but people, that is never the same…
    i’m also happy that you were part of my trip!!
    the pleasure is mine!

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