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This is the third time babysitting in my life, third time with the same kids. Maybe I get a bit spoiled, because these kids is really good to deal with!
Except for the time this summer when Yara got a dogs face and tooth right in her face (by mistake from the dog), with two hours crying and a pack of ice, things has been going quite well.

Yara started to cry tonight when her parents Regi and Dan left for rehearsal for their coming concert, so James took the oppurtunity to teach them rule number one in life. No money, no food. No toys. A reality you can’t escape, you just have to accept it. Maybe she stopped crying when she realized that she was lucky to have someone else work for her so she can play “pick stick” (mikado) and “go fish!”.

Later on while eating we got to teach the second principle in life, not to cry over spilled milk. If someone hits you, it hurts. But if you spill your milk, it’s not actually hurting, it’s all in your head. Nothing to cry or get upset about. That is how it often is, most of human suffering is in our heads and the real pain we feel we usually make worse by blaming someone else or screaming loudly about how unfair life is.

Luckily James and me will be long gone when the consequences of our crash course in Philosophy 101 thrown in the face of a three and five-year old pops up and unfortunately therapy is expensive in this coutnry, just like everything.


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