Anjuna beach, Goa

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View from my balcony

Arambol Cliffs, from balcony

Anjuna used to be, about ten years ago The place to be if you wanted to party for real. The area was filled with bars, restaurants and big outdoor clubs where all the rave parties that made Goa famous, went on all night.

After years of too much partying and the problems with drugs and violence that came with it the local politicians got fed up with it and banned music after 10pm. After that, the partying has become less and a lot of it has moved on to other places. During high season, there is of course still a lot of parties, most often because someone paid off the cops to stay away and sometimes the parties are only announced through word of mouth and then you have to go around looking for them on your own.
I had counted that it would be quite empty and calm since a lot of people has left and many stores and restaurants are closing down in april.

This saturday I went to Anjuna to meet some couchsurfers. Sunnie from Florida and three Indians from Mumbai, one girl and two guys made us five total. We met at Curlies in south Anjuna, a beach shack where I thought we would eat a bit and have a few beers.
There wasn’t really that many people there, but after two hours we where all in the middle of a raveparty, with a DJ that playes good music för Trance.
A bif before eleven we moved on to Ingo’s night bazaar, the most well-organized I have seen so far in this country. Everyone was surprised that Ingo’s german organisationskills actually worked even in a country such as India. It also turned out not to be only a market, but a place with several bars with a lot of people dancing and partying, so we kept on going too.

Today I’m a bit hungover and tomorrow, monday I will get on a train for 35 hours to take me to Ajmer in Rajastan in North India. It is a trip of about 2000km so I wonder if I will feel as happy by travelling by train after that trip…

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