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One might think, for those who know me, that I love to travel. Although I like very much to discover new cultures and travel a lot, that is not a completely true assumption. There is no goal in itself to fly around the world. The main thing is what is there.

It has proved over the years that some of my closest friends live scattered around in this large world, and if there is something I have taken a liking to, it is to go to the other side of the world to lie in a hammock and just be together, converse and perhaps drink a glass of wine, or a bottle of Captain Morgan spiced gold. My favorite activity is after all to just hang around. By myself or with others. And to hang anywhere but home, where everyday life has a tendency to close in on you, with people who enjoy it as much as I do, that is an oppurtunity that simply can’t be missed, cost what it will!

So now when I get time to travel, socialize and hang out in different places for 10 months, well, I just have to do it, although it could just as easily have been done in Sweden if I only could afford it.

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