Photos from Ireland

About a month ago, Claire and I went to Ireland to visit family and friends and travel around a bit. I have never been to Ireland before, so there was a lot of new places to visit. We spent ten days there and started off on the south coast in West Cork where her parents and youngest brother live, moved up later to Kilkenny (where we obviously had a few Kilkenny’s) to visit Claire’s older brother and soon to be wife and then up again to Dublin to visit her youngest sister and fly back home. In Dublin I tried my first Guinness for ten years. Last time I tried it I didn’t really like it, but since then my taste for beer has matured and now it is a new favourite.
The weather was nice for being February/March, but still dark, windy and cold, as you might seen in the photos. But with long-johns, four layers of shirts and warm socks, it was still ok to travel around and enjoy nature.
I bet the summer here is a lot better, just like in Sweden. We will go back this summer for a wedding, so I hope for a bit warmer and nicer weather then. Sometime in August I will most likely show you some more photos from Ireland and the wedding.