Postcard from Belgrade, Serbia


I realized the other day that I had already put up some of my recieved postcards without writing about it here, so I had to take them down and re-scan them.

This postcard comes from Nick that I met in San Francisco in July last year.
On an almost empty street we were both standing outside a bar after a couchsurfing meeting and started talking. We only had time to talk a few minutes, but made plans to hook up later. That didn’t happen however, for some reason I can’t remember.

Nick is studying to be a fire engineer and had just been accepted to a two year masters degree in Europe, first going six months to Scotland, then another six months in Lund in the south of Sweden and finally a full year in Belgium. During spring break, he came up for a week to Stockholm and surfed my couch, while exploring the city and hanging out.
After he finished the semester he went to Serbia and then to Ethiopia and while in Belgrade he sent this postcard of the former Jugoslavian dictator Tito and his wife. He looks kind of evil, right? (Tito that is).

Last I heard, Nick was in Belgium.