A glowing heart


A heart is supposed to glow

Burn like life depended on it.
Despite a world that throws sand on it to put it out, the glowing is there beneath it.
Silend and discreet it keeps on burning.
To always be alive.

It’s easy to to believe in a dead heart as we grow older. With permanent jobs, routines. Family and set opinions.
We have it all figured out. We’re done. And then, we stop to think. We resist change and loose our interest in life.

Our curiosity slowly dies, we stop exploring new things. We no longer look upon the world with the eyes of a child, with the awe of how how incredible life really is. We forget, get used to it. Take it for granted.

But beneath that pile of sand, it keeps on burning. It never stops. It only becomes a bit harder to dig down to that glowing heart.
It is possible to live our entire life on top of this pile of sand. Or, we can acknowledge that longing for a sense of awe again.

Start digging. Because a heart is supposed to glow.
It is possible, to burn throughout life. It is possible to find that sense of curiosity, interest and glow in that pile of sand.

It is worth it.

A postcard from ancient times?


Here comes the next postcard. I’m a bit behind on these, having several more to come the following weeks. Meanwhile, if you haven’t sent a post card to me yet, I would be happy if you did! If you don’t have a regular one, send it through http://postcard.com/. Please make it Black and White or Sepia and choose an image that means something to you!

Send it to:
Mathias Cederholm, Bällstavägen 51, 168 66, Stockholm, SWEDEN

The following postcard is from my former collegue Nina that I worked with at a recycling/Solid Waste company in my hometown Västerås some years ago.
Nina is a smart and open person to work with. One of those positive co-workers that puts a smile on everyones faces. She is also a talented photographer.

The photo is by her and show her daughter Frida.


A dreaming Cleopatra.

My daughter Frida some years ago on her way to a masquerade. Scarf, cloth and christmas tree decorations – anything that could be found in the wardrobe.

Since I enjoy photography it’s fun to have a daughter that enjoys having her picture taken (my son avoids it).

What is she dreaming of?

Hugs from me to you.




During my last trip to California me and my friend Joy went on a drive through the backroads of Siskiyou County in the northern part of the state. An area with a wild west atmosphere covered in sunburnt grass, old barns and houses and grazing cows. The only thing missing is a Zeb McCahan or Clint Eastwood showing up on a horse in sunrise looking for adventure.

The area was flooded by adventurers in during the gold rush that started in 1848 but is today a quiet county consisting mostly of ranches and people that has withdrawn for a bit of peace and quiet. It is also a conservative place in contrast to the liberal views in most other parts of California.
The landscape is beautiful and I love the mix of valleys, rivers and mountains with the snowclad Mount Shasta in the horizon.

During a four hour road trip we managed to get a bunch of photos of Joy, who happily modelled for me. If you want to see a slideshow with some more pictures check out my flickr site with this link: http://www.flickr.com//photos/mcederholm/sets/72157627320418245/show/

More photos from my trip will follow later.


A visitor from the road


When in Bangkok in May last year, I was staying with Peak in her couch surfing community N6. A place where I met a whole bunch of interesting people. One of those was Paula, originally from Argentina but now call the tar roads of the world her home. She barely got in the door before we started talking.
Sitting in the living room of the place for hours, we shared our adventures and found a common interest in India where I had just arrived from and where she recently spent nine months.

A few weeks later we met again in Pai in northern Thailand and ended up travelling together in northern Thailand and Laos for over a month. In the end of June, when Paula celebrated her one year anniversary on the road we parted ways and I returned to Thailand while see continued on to other parts of south east asia, ending up spending quite a few months in China.

A year later, after celebrating two years on the road she hitch-hiked through Mongolia and Russia to finally cross the EU border in Finland. After hitch-hiking north all the way up to Rovaniemi, entering Sweden in Norrbotten and coming down the E4, she ended up on my doorstep.

She stayed with me for five days, and has now continued on to make the roads of central Europe unsafe.
We spent our days and evenings talking, drinking tea, cooking, listening to music and talking some more. Just like we did most evenings the last time we saw each other.

I have always been impressed by her photography. She is sensitive to good composition and oppurtunities and several times I have commented that she should really get a good dSLR instead of the compact camera she is using.
But if your budget is $10 a day, a new camera is not high on the list of ncessary items.

However, she was lucky in timing her visit with my birthday, when I decided to get myself a new camera as a preent to myself, so to support the development of her gift, I decided to give her my old camera, with the catch that she is not allowed to put it in auto except in rare cases.
A better camera doesn’t, however, mean that you automatically become a great photographer. But if you already have a good sense and talent for it, imagine what you could do if you also learn the technology?
In photograpy, the hard part is developling your vision, but the tool is still the prerequisite to get anything at all, so now I hope I get to see even better photos from her. But feel no pressure!

Below you see some of the photos from her trip so far and if you know spanish, you can find her blog here http://depocuntodo.blogspot.com/. More pictures can be found here: https://picasaweb.google.com/pdepli