Meeting fall


When I touch ground in Seattle on the 25th of October, three hours before I left Sydney, it is raining. It is fall and it’s raining.

Jet lag is a peculiar thing, and so are fall and rain. After almost nine months of sun and heat it is like a shock to land in rain, fall and darkness. It takes me a few days to adjust every time I get to a new place, but when I see the colourful leaves, the grey weather and the biting cold I also feel melancholy rising, every Swede’s heritage. The kind of feeling I have felt every fall since I was born. It is being away but at the same time arriving home. I like it.

Maybe that is why I don’t think that much of USA when I’m in Seattle, it doesn’t feel like any other place on the west coast that I have been before and therefore associate with that country, it feels different. Maybe it is all the cafés, the attitude and lifestyle of the people that make me think I’m no longer in the states. I can’t really answer that. It is what it is and again I have to re-define my image I have of a country that is so much more complex than we usually want to admit.

Maybe that is what it means to grow up, to realize that nothing is what we think it is. There is no use having opinions about things, they mean nothing, because they are always a limitied view on things, often filled with prejudice and ideas we have inherited from others who also don’t have any clue what’s going on. But media make money by polarizing, that we make a stand on issues we know very little about, that we fight our political opponents that we really have more in common with than differences. But, we get a kick out of being against something, to have someone we can win over. And then you need opinions.

I am now in Cologne in Germany. It is colder here but still the same fall. Not many weeks left now…