I write because…

I write because the world I live in is crazy. I write because every single one in this world is just as stuck in it like I am. We are all a product of our environment, our history, and we want to stay there, no one wants to change, no one wants to go with the flow, we all want to stay where we are, not having to take responsibility for our actions, not having to make tough decisions. We all want to sit in our couch, eat chocolate and hope that our problems will go away by themselves. We sacrifice our individuality, turn our responsibility over to our managers, parents, partners and politicians, give us bread and entertainment and we will never raise our voices again.

We sacrifice everything that we are and go out buying the same clothes, listen to the same music, get the same type of tattoos like everyone else. We have the same opinions and thoughts, strive for the same jobs, identical lives and drive the same type of car like everyone else. We do it to express our uniqueness, to show off our personality, despite the fact that we are so afraid that we just gave up that individuality.

Not that my writing make much of a difference, but if I gave up writing, I could no longer handle this world at all. I must allow myself to complain, to point out the absurdities of the lives we live, the way we see ourselves and treat our friends.

I must be allowed to try to understand a world that can not be understood.

What else should I do with my time?