11 days in San Francisco

I don’t really know what to say about San Francisco, except that I had a great, yet intense time. Many times when thinking about what to say I realize I can’t.
It is a city of contrast, where every kind of entertainment exists and at the same time so much hard to grasp. You can keep on going here forever. Just like in Stockholm there is an atmosphere of doing, an expectation in the air, a strive never to be bored, to run away from the everyday life.
It is a city of both order and chaos, a city that doesn’t look like anything I thought a modern big city could look like.

I feel instantly at home, partly because of the ease of getting around in the grid like streets, but also because you can find anything here. Whatever you like, wether it be ecclectic music, art, movies, cafés or bars. A sense of variation you seldom see in the big cities in Asia where everything is either traditional or modern, never in between. Here, every step still exist, like wandering through different points in history when you enter a new street, come to a new neighbourhood.