Good or bad?


I have thought a great deal about the concept of “good”. Good or bad.

What is good, really? At least I use to ask myself that when I do things. Is this good? Or is it bad? I value things from a point of reference and go from there.
The problem though, is that usually we have inherited that good and bad from people around us, from authority figures. We compare everything we do with someone or something else. Most often what others do is good and what we do is bad.

In those times, it is best not to do anything at all.

If we value something as good, then we automatically get what is bad, and if we value something as bad, we automatically get what is good. We let the jury in Idol decide what a good performance is, critiques to judge what good music or filmmaking is, experts get to decide what good art or photography is. Our managers judge our working abilitites, our friends judge if we are good or bad, and if the clothes we buy suit us or not.

We always rely on someone elses opinions and judgements when we decide. We more than happily help others make their judgements. After all, it would be a total catastrophe if the shoes we were wearing was a size too big, or if we had a shirt with stripes in the wrong direction…

If we stop valuing things as good or bad, we start to tread unknown territory. That can be akward. It is a very deep conditioning, learnt from early childhood, to always compare and value things.

But most values are relative, they differ depending on who you ask. And if they are constantly changing, do we really have to value things at all? Maybe we could instead just do what we do and be ok with that?
What if I could photograph what I want to, and instead of wondering if it is good or bad, I can just say, this is good for me.

It will most likely mean that some people will regard it as good, and some will regard it as bad, and some will be indifferent to it. But that is exactly as it was before too, so it doesn’t really matter. As long as we like what we are doing.

I no longer know if what I write or photograph is good or bad. Most likely it is both and none of it at the same time. It doesn’t matter.

Let’s just do it anyway…