Tonight I sleep with million of stars.
Vi share the same bed, bouncing up and down together on top of the waves of Lake Shasta. The entire Milky Way is with me this summer night.

Suffering is to will something that is not there. Happiness is to will that which happen. Every time.

So simple, really, yet we constantly live in this mental state where we resist everything that happens, refusing to be what we truly are. We try to be someone else, reaching for the goals we think we set up, but have inherited or copied from others. Refusing to accept people for what they are, always trying to change them into what we want them to be.
If we could just see, beyound hesitation, that it actually takes more energy to try to bend the world to our liking, instead of just relaxing and going with the flow.

Then, we could sleep every night with millions of stars. And when we see a shooting star, we smile. For we do not need to make a wish anymore.