Photos from Ireland

About a month ago, Claire and I went to Ireland to visit family and friends and travel around a bit. I have never been to Ireland before, so there was a lot of new places to visit. We spent ten days there and started off on the south coast in West Cork where her parents and youngest brother live, moved up later to Kilkenny (where we obviously had a few Kilkenny’s) to visit Claire’s older brother and soon to be wife and then up again to Dublin to visit her youngest sister and fly back home. In Dublin I tried my first Guinness for ten years. Last time I tried it I didn’t really like it, but since then my taste for beer has matured and now it is a new favourite.
The weather was nice for being February/March, but still dark, windy and cold, as you might seen in the photos. But with long-johns, four layers of shirts and warm socks, it was still ok to travel around and enjoy nature.
I bet the summer here is a lot better, just like in Sweden. We will go back this summer for a wedding, so I hope for a bit warmer and nicer weather then. Sometime in August I will most likely show you some more photos from Ireland and the wedding.

Ireland // Instagram


A few weeks ago, we went to Ireland to experience a bit of spring, something I thought for a moment had arrived back home now too, but apparently that was not so.

After a few days of photographing, I got tired of running around with my huge camera and decided to only take pictures with my phone. I’m sharing these now and will put up the rest of the photos later.
All of these were taken with my iPhone using the Instagram app:


Greetings from Norway


I got to know Johan, who sent me this postcard, somewhere around 2001-2002 when we both worked together at Mälardalens Student Union’s bar and restaurant. We have worked many long nights in the bar and in the kitchen serving thousands of guests. I remember especially his deadly Bearnaise sauce that he has whipped together at several occasions. It beats any other I have ever tried. Nowadays he often work in Norway and that is also where this photo was taken.
This was also one of the cards that I accidentally put up on my wall before writing about it here.

The postcard say:


The photo is taken 150km south of Bodö in Norway last July. I was there on a job, had some free time, so my collegue and I went up the dam of the power station and checked out the view. The dam is located about 1000 metres above sea level.

Sometimes you forget how barren, beautiful and peaceful the mountain ranges in Sweden and Norway really is. The only thing breaking the peace in the picture is a snowball hitting the surface of the lake that my collegue decided to throw.





As some might know, I’m in India at the moment, but my stay is coming to an end. I’m heading back home on Tuesday again, so less than a week.

I have been struggling lately where to put photos up, but have kind of decided to put most of my photos up on my business site It seems more logical. I will probably publish some stuff here too, but most of my stuff will be there and linked from here.

Text will most likely be published here.

Here are some of the latest photos I have taken while in India:

Travelling in India and Some more photos from India





I find myself in a place where even on bad days, I am content.
Even on good days. I am content.

Thoughts and feelings come and go, good and bad. But they can never touch me.
No matter what happens, I can not be disturbed.

Every day this world changes

But I remain the Same.


When does Stillness get to be still?


It is silent. The night is Still.
Only the wind can be heard blowing outside, turning around the corners of the house.

Stillness is guarded gently, he makes sure that peace and quiet is maintained.

But when does he get to rest? When is Stillness allowed to be really still?


2012 – A Magical Year


2011 was the year when I got back home from travelling.
You think you know the country you come from, where you grew up, but as I came back I was slumped into a reverse culture shock that took months to get used to. If you ever get used to it.

One of the consequences of my travels, was an increased passion and interest in Photography, it lead me to starting my own business, getting a few gigs and overall spending most of my spare time in various photography related projects.
I am by far not done or close to my vision, that is a good thing, because your vision constantly changes, and if I ever thought I completely fulfilled it, that would mean that it was no longer a vision, but a static image that have lost it’s life.
Most of the time, I am happy with the photos I take. Some days, I completely hate them. But every time I feel like that, I see how my mind expands and start looking at things in a new and different way.

Some days, I wake up feeling like anything could happen. And really, they can. Imagine what could happen in 2012?

This is uncharted territory, filled with fairytale creatures playing hide and seek with us. They show themselves every now and then to lure us further into the forest, until the day when we can no longer find our way out again, forced to live in this magical place forever.

A life that live itself, moving from one beautiful place to an remarkable event and on. Every year a new forest, every forest a possibility and every possibility an opportunity to see something new, feel something deeper. To look back on what has been, is to send a silent thank you, to leave things behind us and move on, deeper into the forest, get a little bit more lost. Lost, we will stumble upon what we need, not knowing we were even looking for it.

Allow 2012 to be that year. A year were we get lost and find the magical.

A magical year.

What has been for me, are these photos. They show a part of my 2011. What I have done, where I have been, What I have experiences.
Who I am.

I hope you enjoy them. And I hope you will be part of creating a magical 2012 with me.

Here’s the link: